22 May. 18

What You Need To Do If Someone Breaks Into Your Home

It’s quite unlikely that you will confront a burglar in your home. Most burglaries take place when the house is empty. However you should know what to do if you do happen to confront a burglar, and you definitely need to know what you should do afterwards. You should also make sure that your family knows what to do, if the worst happens when you are not there. Here are some options you should consider in the event of a burglary.

1. Escape
If you are in the house when a burglar is trying to rob you, you should escape. Confrontation is generally not a good idea, and you will want to avoid this. Research suggests that the burglar will have already chosen an escape plan, most likely out the back door, so try to escape out the front if you can.

2. Alarm
Setting off your alarm system can be enough to scare a burglar into leaving your home. Anything loud will bring attention to your house, which is not what the burglar wants.

3. Hide
If you can’t escape, you should hide. If you can, bring your phone with you, and call the police. If you feel you can’t talk, you can press 55, and they will know that you need assistance, but need to stay silent. Keep the line open, so they can hear what’s going on.

4. Confront
Although, the three previous options are always a much better idea, sometimes you have no choice in confronting the burglar. Stay calm, and try not to make any sudden movements. It’s recommended that you avoid making eye contact, or raising your voice. Tell them that they can take whatever they want, and be compliant.

What To Do After A Burglary

After you’ve discovered that your home has been burgled, or after you’ve discovered the burglars, the first thing you need to do is phone the police. If there was nobody home at the time of the burglary, then you can call the non-emergency number on 101. If you think the burglar is still inside your home, call 999.
It’s also really important that you don’t touch anything as the police may need to check for fingerprints, footprints, and collect other evidence. The police will take your statement, and the statements of anyone who may have seen anything suspicious. You will be issued a crime number, which is essential when you make an insurance claim.
When the police have left your home, you should call a locksmith. You can find one near your location who can change your locks, and board up any damaged doors or windows. Approximately 28% of people who have been burgled will be burgled again. Burglars often target the same house if they have been successful in the past. They feel familiar there, and they know that the security isn’t as good as it could be. Our London locksmiths can help you feel safe in your home again, so call us now.