22 May. 18

What You Need To Do Before You Go On Vacation

Everyone looks forward to getting away on vacation. Soaking up the sun, lounging by the pool, trying new things, relaxing, or whatever your idea of the perfect holiday is, it’s incredibly appealing. You’re going to be busy picking out beachwear, packing your suitcases, and looking for your passports. Even though you’re excited about getting out of London for a while, you still need to do a few things before you take off.

1. Protect Your Valuables
Put any valuables, and important document into a safe. These days you can find safes that are fire proof, and water proof, which are important for keeping your documents safe. Many safes allow you to set a passcode, but some do still use a key and lock system. If yours uses a key, you shouldn’t leave the key in your home, but you could take it with you, or give it to a trusted friend.

2. Put A Hold On Your Mail
When home invaders are looking for a property to break into, one of the things they look for is a build-up of mail. This would show that there’s definitely nobody home, which makes the house an appealing option. You should ask your local post office to put a hold on your mail. Instead of it being delivered to your house, it will be kept, and delivered within two working days of your return date.

3. Call Your Bank
If you’re going to be using your bank cards or credit cards, you should call your service provider. They may restrict your cards if they see transactions in odd locations, so you should let them know where you’re going.

4. Clear Out Your Fridge
The last thing anyone wants is to come home to a messy kitchen, so make sure that you tidy it up before you leave. You should clear out your fridge, and make sure there’s no perishable food items inside. Empty your bins, and check all the cupboards.

5. Close Up Your Home
Check all your windows, and make sure that they’re closed and locked. Check the exterior doors, and if you have one, close up your fireplace flue.

6. Keep Off Social Media
It’s something everyone is guilty of. You want to share your excitement about your upcoming vacation, but it’s not a good idea to post everything on social media. You don’t want too many people knowing that you’re away, and that your home is unoccupied.
Those six steps are only a few of the things that you’ll need to do before you enjoy a wonderful, relaxing vacation, but they are important. If, even after you’ve done everything possible to protect your home, you return to find that it has been burgled, then you need to call the police as soon as you can. You can use the non-emergency number, 101. You’ll also need to call an emergency locksmith in the London area. An emergency locksmith will be able to change your locks, re-key, or do whatever it takes to put your mind at rest. We do have locksmiths on call 247 to help with these situations, so call us now.