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Understanding the Best Locks for Your Home

Most homeowners and tenants often stress about the protection of your home and belongings. One of the most important things you should consider is the locks you choose for your doors. It can seem difficult to know the type of lock in order to choose the right selection for your home.

However, professional locksmith in SW9 can provide expert suggestions on the best type of door locks to help you secure your home. The door and lock go hand in hand while getting a top-quality lock is important; the door should be sturdy. There are different types of door locks to choose from; some of the best and common locks include:


The deadbolts are heavy duty locks that are different from door knobs or handles. The deadbolts should be positioned properly so that the bolt pops out of the door and into the wall when they are latched. This means, when the deadbolt is locked, the door can be closed.

Deadbolts are tough; but they should be fitted perfectly to make sure that they are effective and efficient. The strike plate of deadbolts should be installed properly to make sure that the bolt goes all the way into the hole perfectly.

Keyed locks

Doesn’t your door use a deadbolt? If yes, then a keyed lock could be the right option for you. The keyed locks are commonly available on gliding glass doors and patio doors. Original doors that come with sliding doors wear out and don’t provide the right type of protection for your home. However, keyed locks provide the best possible protection for sliding doors, especially when they are installed at the top and bottom part of the doors.

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Electronic Locks

One of the newest locks available on the market is the electronic lock that doesn’t need the use of a traditional key. Most electronic locks operate by a code or an entry pad, smart phone or a key fob. These locks are high-tech solutions and give your home an improved level of safety.

Electronic locks are becoming popular, especially on new homes and are considered as convenient. However, you don’t need to stress about losing your keys. Generally, locks that are connected to your home can provide you with necessary details regarding people entering your home.

Door Handle Locks

Door handle locks are one of the most commonly used locks used by homeowners. When used in combining with the options like deadbolts, they can provide you with a safe and secure locking system. One of the most effective places to use door handle locks is inside your home. It could be on an internal door after your entrance or on a doorway to the garage space.

Combination Locks

Combination locks can be mechanical or electronic. Mechanical combination locks operate through a twist dial system or a push in button. However, the digital combination locks will need a pin or password like the way how a phone works.

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