24 Dec. 18

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing Smart Locks In Your Home

If you are one of those home owners who is regularly worrying whether you remembered to lock your doors, then you know the cons that pop up with conventional locks. Since locks are critical to the security of our home, we often discover ourselves checking & rechecking each one just to be sure. Having to worry regarding the safety of your house can add a great deal of unwanted stress to your day. Home owners who wish for locks that can be controlled from their smartphone at any time of day can go with smart locks that are readily available these days. Listed below are a few critical reasons why you should call a locksmith in West London to install a smart lock in your property.

No more keys: Smart locks eradicate the requirement to carry around & track the location of conventional keys. You will never again need to dig through your purse or pocket with an armful of groceries while striving to get into your house – just enter a code to open your lock. This makes it easier for everybody from kids to adults who find themselves vulnerable to misplacing keys.

Full entrance & exit tracking: Smart locks let you to allocate single entry codes for different family members, letting you trace the movement of people all through your home with an inimitable log based system.

Ease of allowing visitors short-term access: Do you have a babysitter, gardeners, painter, house cleaner, or even guests coming over at a time you will not be at home? You don’t need to jeopardize your security by concealing the keys under a flower pot in your garden. Simply offer guests with an inimitable time-sensitive access code that can be activated & deactivated in advance to merely function at particular times of day. You’ll get notification via a smart-lock app as to when the code is employed.

Higher security levels in comparison to mechanical locks: Today’s smart locks are almost unfeasible to pick, with distinctive technology that makes them tamper-resistant and defiant to the wiles of intruders.

Ease of installation: For a professional West London locksmith it is very easy to install smart locks. They can even be paired to function directly with an existing deadbolt.

Are you still wasting time with traditional locks? If yes, then maybe it’s time you considered smart locks for your house. The added security & convenience are making them one of the most recognized parts of smart home security solutions in West London! Call First 4 Locksmiths if you are in search of a professional locksmith in West London to install your smart locks.