22 May. 18

Should You Have Your Locks Replaced By A Professional Locksmith At Your New London Home?

One of the most exciting things is when you’ve finally exchanged on your new London home. Your new property will probably need some work to make it meet your tastes and style. You’ll need floors, paint, counters, bathroom, and much more besides. All these things mean that there’s a stream of people walking through your house before you do. You’ll hand out keys, or tell people where the key is hidden for all this work to be done. You probably won’t even think twice about it.

The problem is that by handing out key, after key, after key, you’re minimising your security. The more people who have access to your house keys, the more chance there is of your new home being burglarised. The easiest way to avoid this is to find a local locksmith to replace the locks on your house after all the work has been finished.

Replacing the locks at your new home means that you can be sure that nobody other than you actually has the keys to your house. The peace of mind and sense of security that this can give you is enormous. Talk to us today about protected keys solutions. We will explain how you can achieve so much, security wise, with so little.

Other security tips that we would recommend for anyone who has had work done on their home, or for anyone who plans to have work done on their homes.

 People will notice when you move into your new home. Your neighbours will probably notice the moving van, but some burglars will too. It’s surprisingly easy for them to blend in with the movers, and walk off with your belongings. If you see someone hovering around, ask your movers if it’s somebody who works with them. Don’t let someone into your home that you haven’t invited.
 Consider installing a keyless deadbolt. These locks can be very useful, especially if your new London home needs quite a bit of work. You can set a guest entry code for your tradesman, and then delete it afterwards. It’s an easy and simple solution which can be very cost effective.

Some people don’t think that there is any need to replace the locks on a new built home, but that’s just not true. You don’t know how many people have had access to your new home, so the only way to be sure that your home is secure is to have your locks replaced.
The only goal a locksmith has is give you security and peace of mind that you have done everything possible to keep your house secure. Our service is designed to help you protect you, and your family. We want you to enjoy your life without worrying that your home security isn’t up to par.