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Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Home Security

Home security isn’t always a priority, especially when our lives are so busy, but it is something that is really important. Take the time to ask yourself these questions about your home security. It would also be a good idea to do a regular review of your security.

Security Inspecting Doors And Windows

Doors and windows are a common entry point for burglars, so they should be the first things you check. You should check:
 If all the doors and windows are properly fitted
 If you keep spare keys with a friend or neighbour, do they still have them?
 Do you lock your door when you go out?
 Do you lock the door if you are out in the back garden?
 If you have sliding doors, or patio doors, do you have extra security locks installed on them?
 Do you have a peephole, or some way to see who is at your door before opening it?
 Do you have a security chain or door restrictor?
 Have you ever changed the locks?
 Could any previous occupiers have keys?
 If you have a garage, are the doors properly fitted?
 Do the garage doors have locks and deadbolts?
 Are your windows correctly fitted?
 Do you have window locks?
 Do you close and lock all windows when you’re going out?

Other Security Measures

It’s not just your doors and windows that need to be reviewed when you check your security. You should also consider your other security measures, even if you don’t realise that they even are security measures.
 Do you keep cash in your home?
 Do you take safety measures to secure any amounts of cash?
 Do you have timers on your lights?
 Does you home look as though there is someone inside even if there isn’t?
 Have you recorded details, including photos and serial numbers, of your valuable items?
 Do you keep keys out of sight, and secure when they aren’t in use?
 Do you have external lighting in the front and back of your home?
 Do you have lights outside your doors, so you can easily see any late night visitors?
 Are your tools and ladders secured, so they can’t be accessed by potential burglars?
 If you have bikes, are they chained and padlocked?

Get Help From Your Neighbours In Protecting Your Property

Lastly, your friends and neighbours can be very helpful in protecting your home.
 Do you keep a spare key with a friend or neighbour?
 Could your neighbour collect your mail if you are away on vacation?
 Could your neighbour close curtains and turn on lights if you are away?
 Could your neighbour leave a car in your driveway?
 Do you make arrangements for garden and lawn care if you are away for extended periods of time?
 Is there a neighbourhood watch, or community alert group?
 Do you alert the local police if you are going to be away for prolonged periods?

If you haven’t done some of these things, then you should call us. We have locksmiths in London, including locksmiths in West London, who can help you put properly fitted, professional security in place to protect your home. A professional locksmith can also come to conduct a full review of your locks, and repair or replace any that are broken or damaged.