22 May. 18

Protecting Your Home This Summer

Even though we’ve already had some absolutely beautiful weather in South London, summer isn’t over. Hopefully there’s still some amazing weather to come. Summer means that we’re getting ready for a vacation, or preparing for a staycation at home. Whatever your plans are, you should make sure that your home is as protected as it can be all summer long.

Securing Windows

So many of us enjoy having an open window, or two, during the warm weather. However, open windows are often a signal that the property could be easily accessed. You should try to remember exactly how many windows you’ve opened, and which windows they are. If you’re going out, even if you’re going to be gone for three minutes, close the windows. If you don’t have any locks on your windows, you should consider having locks fitted on your window.
Some people find it difficult to sleep in the warm weather, and having a window open helps keep your bedroom cooler. If you are opening a window to help a comfortable sleep, it’s a better idea to only open an upstairs window. If you can’t open an upstairs window, then it might be a better idea to buy a fan.

Securing Doors

The doors are actually the first thing a potential burglar will check. If they aren’t locked then it’s a simple matter of opening the door, and they can be in and out of your house in a matter of minutes. You should make sure that your doors are secured, and locked. Even if you’re out the back, you should consider locking the front door.

Check The Locks, Or Have Your Locks Inspected By A Professional Locksmith

We can all be a little guilty of forgetting about the locks, but they should be checked regularly. Look for any signs of wear and tear, and have a locksmith service in South London check any minor problems. Minor problems can quickly become major problems if they aren’t seen to in a timely manner.
You should also make it routine to lock the door behind you when you come into the house. You could also consider installing anti-entry devices or door restrictors on your doors, especially any patio doors. You may also want to think about installing a safe to secure valuable items, sentimental items, and important personal documents.

Keeping Track Of Your Keys

It’s almost impossible to know how many keys there are for your house. Previous occupiers may have made copies, workmen may have had copies, and even your children could have given copies to their friends. You can have your house re-keyed, so you know exactly how many keys there are, and who has access to them. Even if you’re renting a home, you can ask your landlord to call a locksmith service in South London to re-key the house.
If you do have children, or teenagers, you should talk to them about the importance of home security. Explain that they should keep their keys with them at all times, and they should never leave a key in the lock for their friends.