11 Oct. 19

Moving To A New Home? Top Security Tips To Follow

Planning to move into a new home in London? Concerned regarding your safety in the process? Our locksmiths in London have prepared a list of tips for securing your new house.

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Install a home security system:

Homes that have a security system in place are 60 percent less expected to be attacked by intruders. If you’ve bought a new hour or apartment recently, the best way to ensure no burglar will break in & steal your prized belongings is by having an advanced home security system. Look for a reliable locksmith near me in London to get your home security system installed properly.

Change or re-key the old locks on your new house:

Purchasing a new house doesn’t essentially mean investing in a brand new property directly from a builder’s hands. In majority of the cases, it means purchasing a property that has been used by somebody else. This means you don’t know about the history of the property – whether it has been broken into or vandalized of late. You also don’t have any idea about any previous neighborhood break-in cases. Plus, odds are you never know about the brand of locks the previous owners have used or when was the last time they had them checked or replaced. You also don’t know how many duplicates of the keys they’ve.


The sooner you can contact an authorized London locksmith to change or re-key the old locks the better. You can have a simple set of locks, but it is recommended to invest in a robust & dependable lockset for improved protection. It shouldn’t take a professional locksmith more than a few minutes to install an electronic deadbolt lock, or re-key the earlier locks as fast as possible. Nonetheless, by changing or re-keying the old locks on your new home you will enjoy the peace of mind that will last for several years.

Do a full window lock down:

Windows are perhaps the most vulnerable parts of a home that so many intruders like to employ as their entry point. Strengthen them before you’re all set ready to relocate, particularly if you’re moving to a ground-level floor in an apartment building.

Know your neighbors:

Do a walk around the neighborhood & make a few friends. See if you can rely on them while you’re away on vacation, or even provide them a spare key to avoid lockout situation.

If you are looking for assistance with new lock installation, lock re-key or key duplicate needs, feel free to get in touch with First 4 Locksmiths. We are always the first choice when it comes to reliable Locksmith Near Me in London. Get an appointment now!