27 Oct. 18

How to Boost The Security of Your North London Home?

When it comes to your house, you must take appropriate safety measures. After all, your house is what stands between your cherished memories, your household, and the rest of the world. Interrogations with crooked home intruders have revealed that a few routine security measures can go a long way as far as preventing theft is concerned. So what are you looking for? Listed below are 3 simple steps you can follow to boost the security of your North London home.

Locksmith North LondonRe-key the locks:

When you shift into a new house, whether it was just constructed recently or has been there for quite some time, the first and foremost step you should always take is re-keying all the external facing locks. This is a very simple yet effective step that changes the key required without changing the hardware on your doors & a professional locksmith in North London can do so easily within one or two hour maximum. In fact, re-keying is an excellent way to boost the security of your home quickly & easily since it makes all earlier keys to the home cease to work. By doing so, if the earlier owners never collected all the key duplicates they made, or the builder did not keep track of which vendors had access to the house, you can make sure that all those keys floating around won’t make your home a burglar’s target.

Locksmiths in North LondonCheck the installation:

Yet another thing to check out once you shift into a new property is the deadbolt installation. These types of locks are only efficient when they’ve been installed appropriately, unfortunately, numerous contractors don’t put a lot of stress on this step. For a deadbolt lock to cater as a solid prevention to burglars, the plate screwed into the door frame must be affixed with screws at least 3 inches long. Any shorter, and the screws won’t have enough of a hold in the wood & give way to force, letting an intruder to enter the home. If you are not sure if your deadbolt locks were fitted appropriately, call your local locksmith in North London to check things for you & offer the required solutions immediately.

Keyless Entry:

If re-keying is not quite secure for you, feel free to go keyless! You may have noticed these systems in use on business earlier, but keyless entry is not only for commercial use. Keyless entry systems are locks that replace your deadbolt lock & need a passcode to open – usually with a code you can set & reset as frequently as you prefer. It is an ideal choice for those who customarily lose or momentarily mislay their keys. Furthermore taking keys out of the equation, majority of the advanced keyless deadbolt system let you to program more than one code in & many can be accessed distantly thanks to the wireless internet connection. This means you can offer a separate code to each of your children, or provide a special code to a dog sitter or cleaner then take away that code from the working list when they no more require access.

Are you in need of improving your home’s security to the fullest? If yes, then feel free to call First 4 Locksmiths. Our Locksmiths in North London are always available for your help.