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Top 4 Tools Professional Locksmiths in Clapham Frequently Use

Though Hollywood would have us believe that a hair pin and a credit card are all you need to open a lock without a key, those who make their living as a locksmith in Clapham know the reality. Correct locksmith supplies are critical to ensure that each & every job

Avoid These 3 Security Don’ts To Keep Your Home Safe

All of us will do whatever we can to keep our family and home safe. We often employ advanced security appliances like alarm systems & intercoms to boost our safety. But you mayn’t even realize when you are taking unwanted security risks. The fact is, burglaries and break-ins are infamously

Why Do Clapham Locksmith Service Recommend Yale Locks?

Yale locks are one of the most popular lock brands available on the market. When you’re in the market for digital locks or modern security locks, you can find Yale locks effective and smooth for your doors and windows. As you can imagine, you require at least one type of

How to Ensure the Locksmith You’ve Hired Is a Genuine One?

Not sure how to verify a locksmith service & find out that indeed they’re genuine? Well, this is a million dollar question when it comes to choosing a perfect locksmith service in London. You should take your time researching, comparing and contrasting, before eventually hiring a locksmith service you feel

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing Smart Locks In Your Home

If you are one of those home owners who is regularly worrying whether you remembered to lock your doors, then you know the cons that pop up with conventional locks. Since locks are critical to the security of our home, we often discover ourselves checking & rechecking each one just

Why Do You Need Emergency Locksmith in North London?

Have you ever lost your keys or was your home ever broken into? If so, you may have thought back and forth with yourself on whether you require changing the locks. Because, what are the odds that someone will get your key and know where it belongs to? Or how

How to Boost The Security of Your North London Home?

When it comes to your house, you must take appropriate safety measures. After all, your house is what stands between your cherished memories, your household, and the rest of the world. Interrogations with crooked home intruders have revealed that a few routine security measures can go a long way as

Avoid Lockout Situations with Locksmith Near Me in London

Getting locked out of a house in London is a real nightmare for every homeowner. Having to wait for hours to access the house seems stressful, right? Fortunately, a professional locksmith near me in London will reach you soon; so you don’t need to wait for long. Besides, there are

Watch Out For Locksmith Scams When Looking For Locksmith Service in London

At First 4 Locksmiths, we pride ourselves on our strong reputation of offering qualified 24 hour emergency locksmith services in London. We are upfront & stand behind our work. Sadly, there are a lot of locksmith scams out there that are always on the look of cheating customers, especially during

How To Choose A Locksmith In London

How To Choose A Locksmith In London You might never have needed to choose a locksmith before. You may have had some issues with your previous locksmith. We have some tips to help you find a reliable locksmith service in London. First of all, you need to know what your

Protecting Your Home This Summer

Protecting Your Home This Summer Even though we’ve already had some absolutely beautiful weather in South London, summer isn’t over. Hopefully there’s still some amazing weather to come. Summer means that we’re getting ready for a vacation, or preparing for a staycation at home. Whatever your plans are, you should

Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Home Security

Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Home Security Home security isn’t always a priority, especially when our lives are so busy, but it is something that is really important. Take the time to ask yourself these questions about your home security. It would also be a good idea to do

Should You Have Your Locks Replaced By A Professional Locksmith At Your New London Home?

Should You Have Your Locks Replaced By A Professional Locksmith At Your New London Home? One of the most exciting things is when you’ve finally exchanged on your new London home. Your new property will probably need some work to make it meet your tastes and style. You’ll need floors,

What To Do And What Not To Do If You’re Locked Out Of Your Home

What To Do And What Not To Do If You’re Locked Out Of Your Home It’s happened to most of us. We’ve lost the key, or left a key in the house, only to find that we’re standing outside our own homes, and can’t get in. You may start to

What You Need To Do Before You Go On Vacation

What You Need To Do Before You Go On Vacation Everyone looks forward to getting away on vacation. Soaking up the sun, lounging by the pool, trying new things, relaxing, or whatever your idea of the perfect holiday is, it’s incredibly appealing. You’re going to be busy picking out beachwear,

What You Need To Do If Someone Breaks Into Your Home

What You Need To Do If Someone Breaks Into Your Home It’s quite unlikely that you will confront a burglar in your home. Most burglaries take place when the house is empty. However you should know what to do if you do happen to confront a burglar, and you definitely

Why Everybody Should Have a Safe At Home

Why Everybody Should Have a Safe At Home Some people may think that only offices, businesses or warehouses should have safes. However, having a domestic safe can be incredibly useful. These days people are becoming more aware on the issue of personal security, and are installing home safes. You may

Why You Should Call A Locksmith

Why You Should Call A Locksmith People will choose a professional service for so much of our daily lives, but a shocking number of people won’t give the same consideration for security. Many residential, and commercial property owners may think they can DIY locksmithing. Others don’t think about locksmiths until

Why You Should Look For An Emergency Locksmith Before You Need One

Why You Should Look For An Emergency Locksmith Before You Need One Most of us don’t think about emergency locksmiths in London until the worst happens, and we are in extreme need of an expert. We only think about locksmiths when we’ve locked ourselves out of the house, or our

Another completely satisfied customer has rated our Locksmith London service 5 stars

We got a call from a customer that was locked out. We dispatched the locksmith, and he arrived swiftly at the customer’s premises. He professionally addressed the customer’s needs, he recommended solutions to fix the issues that the customer was facing, and then he went on to complete the job.
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