25 Feb. 19

Avoid These 3 Security Don’ts To Keep Your Home Safe

All of us will do whatever we can to keep our family and home safe. We often employ advanced security appliances like alarm systems & intercoms to boost our safety. But you mayn’t even realize when you are taking unwanted security risks.

The fact is, burglaries and break-ins are infamously tough to sort out. Only a few of these offenses are ever cleared by a cop, and recovery of property is even less expected to happen. As a result, you wish to take all feasible safety measures to avoid these events from happening in the first place. In order to do that, hire a professional locksmith in Chelsea and avoid these below listed security don’ts:

Don’t leave your lights on:

If you are going on a vacation, you may be enticed to leave 1 or 2 lights on to give the feeling that someone is at home. But having your lights on for 24-hours a day makes just as strong an indication as having no lights on at all for a prolonged period of time. In either scenario, a professional intruder can assume that nobody is at home. Rather, make use of timers in several areas of your house at different times of the day. In some cases, you may be able to supervise these timers distantly or be alerted to any movement inside your house via motion detection.

Don’t keep valuables all in one place:

The first place burglars look for jewelries or other valuables is in the master bedroom. Keep all of your valuables out of the bedroom & be certain to distribute them in different places all through the house. Criminals are less expected to check for valuables in garages or in the ceiling, but it is wise to put them in a safe place.

Don’t leave a key outside:

If you don’t have a keyless entry door, ensure you don’t keep an additional set of keys outside. So many people will conceal their keys in obvious places, for example beneath the welcome mat, under a potted plant, or in a decorative fixture. You probably think you have hidden it nicely, but it can be simple enough for burglars to find your hiding place. Think about giving your additional keys to a friend or family member you trust completely. Better yet, get high security locks from a locksmith service. They provide many layers of defense that are break-in resistant.

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