13 Dec. 19

7 London Locksmith Security Tips for the New Year

Another year has come & gone and it is time to rejoice the end of 2019 and welcome 2020. While you are reflecting on past events & pondering what the coming year has in store for you, staying safe may not be top of your priority list. There is no reason to start the New Year with regrets.
Here are some safety tips that you should remember when you are at home or not at home.
1. Safeguard your house: Just because you aren’t there does not entail your house should be any less safe. Before you opt for a vacation or anywhere else, ensure all windows and doors are locked, and an advanced security system is in place.
2. Drive safe: If you are planning for a driving trip, be safe. Mishaps are more expected to take place on holiday season, so stay vigilant and sober.
3. Drink safe: It is no wonder that New Year’s Eve is all about drinking and having fun with near and dear ones. Appoint a professional driver, drink adequate water, take a good meal, and relish your night without putting yourself in unwanted danger.
4. Prevent fires: Pets, guests and decorations are all fire hazards at this time of year. Ensure that all smoke detectors & fire extinguishers are totally charged & updated. Keep decoration away from open flames & never leave cooking foods unattended.
5. Have proper guard against theft: Holidays are the ideal time for intruders to get access to your house. Putting away treasure like jeweler where the company cannot access them will assist keep your things securely out of strangers’ hands?
6. Update your security system: Ensure to fortify the overall security system in your house before this holiday season. Call a pro locksmith to find out any potential holes in it, and fill it. We suggest fitting a string of smart security cameras that are affixed to Wi-Fi that let you screen your house security from a distance regardless of where you’re.
7. Don’t make yourself susceptible via social media: Ensure not to share info regarding when you’ll be away, going on holiday, or are away from the home. This includes pictures & videos.
New Year’s Eve is all about rejoicing the ups & downs of another year gone by and the expectations of a new one to come. Considering the above-mentioned precautions can be the difference between having a happy New Year and a catastrophic one.
Wishing you best of the luck for the New Year from First 4 Locksmiths team. Cheers!